The power of PTFE is all around us

Taconic's nonstick fabrics, tapes, belts and PCB materials are virtually everywhere.

The products you buy in a store may have been packaged using Taconic's PTFE belts and pressure sensitive tapes. In addition, your fast food meal or pre-cooked convenience food may have been processed with Taconic's food processing belts or PTFE coated bake liners.  

Your cell phone, GPS system and other electronic gear may contain Taconic's PTFE laminates. Taconic's release tapes & fabrics may have been used in composite molding for the wind turbine blades in your community, for boat hulls in your local marina and for aerospace components in the airplane you travelled on to visit grandma. Similarly, Taconic's nonstick conveyor belts may have processed the carpet materials in your home or some of the apparel items in your closet. 

Although you might not realize it, Taconic's PTFE materials are working behind-the-scenes, positively impacting your daily life.



IndustryTaconic MaterialApplication





Porous bleeder material used as a release cloth in vacuum molding

Release tape used in vacuum molding

Aircraft wire harness/cable wrap for electrical insulation/protection

Release Fabric


8103AS 8143AS


Conveyor belts used on fusing machines to bond woven and non-woven fabrics

Sewing machine and cutting table covers for ease in fabric handling






Belts carrying extruded plastic, rubber or foam auto parts through curing ovens.

Release material for lamination of scuff boards and aerodynamic panel skirts for trucks

Used in lamination process of head liners


A1048, 8278, 8274, 82798356

Conveyor belts to convey uncured synthetic rubber PVC backing and woven fiber overlay through a curing chamber where materials are bonded.


6085-03, 6085-05,6085-06, 6095-03, 6095-056095-06



Mold release tapes provide a super-smooth finished surface, eliminate the need for waxes and chemical cleaners, can be gel coated and reduce prep time, finish work and clean-up

Bleeder cloth

Expansion Joints

TacExpan 850, 861, 862, 1100, 1201 and 1202

Designed to provide stress relief, absorb thermal expansion and shock, adjust for minor misalignments in ductwork and isolate mechanical vibrations

Food Processing 



(Quick Service Restaurant)


7039, 7059, 7109

8108, 8109,8148, A1139


Baking tray liners

Belts for precooking steak, chicken, bacon, eggs and other food items such as pizza crust and flour tortillas

Chute and table liners for sticky ingredients

Insulation Jackets

TefShield 101, 102, 202, A510, A805T, A1122

PTFE coated fabric controls heat gain and loss due to thermal or chemical exposure for gas and steam turbines, heaters, control valves and other industrial applications




Release sheets for thin/flexible solar cell fabrication

Release surface, hold wafers in place during autoclave processing


6085-03, 6085-05, 6085-066085-10

8303,8308, 8231R8242

8308, 8039, A952, 8054, 8064


Tapes for thermal transfer of poly films on impulse sealers/L-sealing bars, form fill & seal bagging machines

Conveyor belts for shrink wrap tunnels

Two-ply belts for sealing poly-bags with no increased thickness in splice area

Curtains for shrink wrap ovens



Roll covering to eliminate fiber picking on drying rolls


8279, 83568231R


7069, 7109

Belting to transport extruded parts through cooling chambers

Conveyor belts for casting polyurethane rubber

Release sheets used for laminating and molding equipment

PVC Welding


Covers metal platen as a release surface during vinyl welding

Rubber Processing


Belts carrying rubber through curing ovens


Screen Printing

8303, 8308, 8A970, 8305K, 8305KG8305KAS

Belts for automated dryer systems conveying screen printed items

Self-Lubricating Bearing Materials

TacBEAR 17 KAS, TacBEAR 6 KAS, TacBEAR Fusion Bonded

Provides a self-lubricating, durable, low maintenance and cost effective alternative to plastic bearing materials

Solar Panel Lamination 7108, 7103AS, 7148, 7143AS, 715KAS, 7153, 718K1, 7125S, 7147BR  Belts use in the lamination process of rigid and flexible photovoltaic (PV) modules

8103, 8143, 8208, A1048, 8308, 8195, 8305K8305KG

Textile drying conveying synthetic yarns through curing ovens, transporting printed textiles through drying ovens as well as carrying woven, non-woven and knitted fabrics through texturizing ovens.

Thermal Spray

6605-07-HP, 6615-07-HP, 6525-08, 6525-09, 6525-16, 7102W, 7322W, 7422W, TacMold (A2023-A/A2023-B)

Silicone rubber/fiberglass tapes for masking during grit blasting, flame and plasma spray applications. Tape resist lifting and fraying and release cleaning with out adhesive residue.