The power of PTFE is all around us

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Taconic's nonstick fabrics, tapes, belts and PCB materials are virtually everywhere.

The products you buy in a store may have been packaged using Taconic's PTFE belts and pressure sensitive tapes. In addition, your fast food meal or pre-cooked convenience food may have been processed with Taconic's food processing belts or PTFE coated bake liners.  

Your cell phone, GPS system and other electronic gear may contain Taconic's PTFE laminates. Taconic's release tapes & fabrics may have been used in composite molding for the wind turbine blades in your community, for boat hulls in your local marina and for aerospace components in the airplane you travelled on to visit grandma. Similarly, Taconic's nonstick conveyor belts may have processed the carpet materials in your home or some of the apparel items in your closet. 

Although you might not realize it, Taconic's PTFE materials are working behind-the-scenes, positively impacting your daily life.


Advanced Dielectric Division
Microwave & RF Laminates

 Taconic Applications Advanced Dielectric Division Applications: automotive, LED, mechanical, medical, military, multilayer, RF/microwave, thin core packaging & flexible interconnect


: aerospace, apparel, automotive, carpet/flooring, chemical processing, composites, food processing, lamination, packaging, paper, plastics, PVC welding, rubber processing, screen printing and textile

Industrial Product Division 
Fabrics, Tapes & Belts

Taconic Applications Industrial Products Division