Food Processing - Quick Service Restaurants (QSR)

Food Processing - Quick Service Restaurants (QSR)

Since our inception, engineering top of the line nonstick, high temperature resistant, durable materials for Industrial/Commercial Food Processing has been a primary focus. The goal - help increase our customer's production efficiency while reducing costs over disposable nonstick materials. 

As a result, Taconic’s growing line of food safe products have been a customer favorite of Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) for over forty years.

From high temperature applications such as cooking/pre-cooking, grilling, microwave, and baking, to room temp or below freezing, Taconic has a product to fit your QSR need. 

Taconic Industrial Food Processing Nonstick PTFE Fabric Dough MatProducts:
- Nonstick baking sheets, oven & fry baskets, ovenliners for microwave and high speed convection ovens
- Release sheets: clamshell grills & broilers
- Release sheets: high speed commercial toasters
- Nonstick liners: broilers & cheese melters



Taconic Industrial Food Processing Nonstick PTFE Coated Fabric Belt Pizza Tortilla Eggs Meat Dough Liner


- Temperature resistant (up to 500 F/260 C)
- Low coefficient of friction/nonstick
- Durable/lasts for hundreds of baking cycles
- Cost savings over disposable nonstick materials
- Ease to clean
- Made in the USA & Europe



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