TacWeld PVC Welding Material

PTFE tape and fabric for uPVC welding

TacWeld PVC Welding Material

 PVC Welding

The manufacture of vinyl extrusions into frames for windows and doors requires a durable nonstick material for the welding process. PTFE tape,fabric, or fabricated sleeves, cover the heated plates which allow heat to form the joint weld while preventing hot PVC from sticking.

Taconic’s PTFE fabric and tape are chemically inert, temperature and abrasion resistant, and provide superior release. This allows the operator to melt the angled edges of the PVC profile and press them together to form a clean weld in a window or door frame.

Taconic offers a variety of product grades, material compositions and customized fabric pieces which encourage easy changeover and increased usable life. These products will endure extreme abrasion and high temperatures while reducing cut-through and punctures.

Fabric/Tape Features 
- Increased wear, abrasion, cut-through and puncture resistance
- High temperature resistance up to 500 °F (260 °C)
- Superior release properties

- Easy cleaning


- Higher quality weld
- Cost-effective production
- Increased efficiency
- Less downtime
- High heat and wear resistance 



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Good Material:

For over 60 years Taconic has set the benchmark for strong standard material. Some people find Taconic standard material can provide the long life they expect while providing an economic alternative to premium materials.

Better Material:

Taconic’s wide range of fabrics and tapes include enhanced materials with stronger glasses and higher PTFE coated weights. Generally, the heavier the coating, the longer the life. Despite the heavier coatings, Taconic material will still provide excellent heat transfer to encourage quick and consistent welds.

Best Material:

The next generation of tapes and fabrics has arrived. Taconic produces a range of enhanced materials that are wear coated and heat resistant. Considering the high temperatures and continual abrasion associated with PVC Window welding, strong puncture and heat resistant materials like TacWeld help window companies achieve and exceed their goals.


Premium Grade (Best) Products:

- Taconic's 6095-06-TW-GHT Premium Grade Tac-Tape™ is suited for the most demanding nonstick applications that require a high temperature resistant adhesive and the highest PTFE-to-substrate ratio in their class.


- Dimenstional stability
- Excellent tensile strength
- High heat resistance
- Exceptional wear life

»7069-TW-GRN - 
Taconic’s 7069-TW-GRN Premium Grade PTFE-Glass Fabric offers optimum release and durability in harsh environments.


  - Highest PTFE-to-substrate ratio
    - Designed for extreme environments where superior release and extended
      life are critical

    - High heat resistance 
    - Excellent chemical resistance and electrical strength


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Product Data


Product GradeProduct TypeProduct NumberOverall

Adhesive Thickness

(lbs/sq yd)

Tensile Strength
Warp/Fill (lbs/inch)
Tear Strength
Warp/Fill (lbf)
Adhesive Strength





6085-05 0.007 0.003 - - -



7058 0.0045 N/A 0.44 175 / 155 6.25 / 6.25


Tape 6095-06 0.008 0.002 - - - 50
Fabric 7069 0.006 N/A 0.6 165 / 150 6.25 / 6.25 N/A



Tape 6095-06-TW-GHT 0.008 0.002 N/A - - 55
Fabric 7069-TW-GRN 0.006 N/A 0.6 175 / 150 6.0 / 5.75 N/A
*std. widgth for TacWeld tape and fabric is 42 inches. Operating temp min/max °F of -100/500 for all products
The data herein are averages based on the authoritative testing of several lot numbers. This information is intended for comparison purposed only.

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