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Nanotechnology based laminate
Nanotechnology based laminate
for emerging high speed digital and high mm wave frequencies.
High speed flex
High speed flex
Advancing the future of flexible circuits w/ fastRise™ EZ

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Whether you need the thermal and electrical stability of a ceramic filled PTFE laminate or the dimensional stability of a woven glass reinforced PTFE laminate, Taconic has the solution for you. We also have thermoplastic and thermoset bond plies/prepregs as well as a range of specialty materials to meet all your high performance material needs.

Click the link below to find the right solution for your RF/microwave, high speed digital or flexible interconnect design.  

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What's the best material for your base station antenna, keyless entry system, wireless body area network (WBAN) or flex assembly? That's where Taconic comes in. Our sales and engineering team will help assess your application and recommend the right laminate or prepreg to work within your application parameters.

Click the link below to see what Taconic high reliability materials are suited for your application. 

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Technical Articles

If knowledge is power, we want to empower you. Our technical articles come from many sources including our customers and leading OEMs as well as Taconic-authored papers published in trade publications and presented at industry conferences. We have made these available here for your review.

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Precision + Innovation = Engineered Solutions

At Taconic, that’s our approach to manufacturing world-class base materials for microwave, RF and high speed digital applications. It’s a simple equation: we combine the most accurate processing methods with the most inspired minds to achieve the highest performance laminates, prepregs and flex materials for your circuitry designs.

With headquarters in Petersburgh, New York and base material manufacturing plants located around the globe, Taconic can offer its customers microwave and RF materials for increasingly complex designs when and where they need them.

Click here » To see our award winning 'Lower Loss and Process Friendly Multi-layer Flexible Interconnect' paper from this years Designcon!

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Environmental Commitment

REACH Compliance

Taconic Reach Compliance Taconic's REACH statement confirms that our products do not contain REACH SVHC materials in excess of 0.1% as required by the REACH legislation.

Statement of Conflict Materials confirms that our products are produced with responsibly manufactured raw materials. 

RoHS/WEEE Compliance

Taconic RoHS Compliance Taconic confirms that all products listed in our WEEE/RoHS Compliance Statements are in compliance with those directives.

Taconic WEEE ComplianceAdvanced Dielectric Division WEEE/RoHS Compliance Statement

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Global Quality

Taconic Global Quality

Taconic has locations around the globe to efficiently meet customer needs with our quality PTFE engineered materials. Taconic is an ISO 9001 Registered company. Please click below to view our Certificate of Registration:  Certificate of Registration