Tac-Sep | Septa Vial Sealing Materials

designed for proper sealing of medicinal vials and other devices to prevent contamination

Septa Vial Sealing Materials

Tac-Sep Septa liner materials are designed for proper sealing of medicinal vials and other devices to prevent contamination.

Tac-Sep is a two-layer composite consisting of silicone elastomer and PTFE film. When installed inside a metal or plastic cap, a syringe needle can pierce the rubber septum and pull a substance from the vial for the purpose of injection. Upon withdrawal of the syringe needle, the elasticity of the silicone septum ensures that the hole reseals.

The quality of the barrier film and rubber is a critical factor in vial sealing applications. Poor quality materials can cause improper re-sealing, skewed test results, and yield poor quality products.


Taconic Silicone Elastomer PTFE Film Septa Vial Sealing MaterialsFeatures:
• Excellent resealability • High PTFE/Silicone rubber bond strength  • Temperature resistant from -40 - 200 °C (-40 - 392 °F) • Excellent chemical resistance • Uniform hardness of silicone rubber

Taconic Tac-Sep Septa Vial Sealing Materials

• Vial sealing in pharmaceutical and life science industries
• Chromatography research (gas chromatograph & mass spectrometer experiments

Tac-Sep Product Data

Product NumberMaterial DescriptionFilm
Silicone Rubber Thickness
Inches (mm)
Tensile Strength
(silicone rubber)
Tear Strength
(silicone rubber)
Silicone Hardness
Shore A
TAC-SEP55-03R058W PTFE Film/Silicone Rubber 2.95 (0.075) 0.02 (0.5) 6.0 20 30, 40
TAC-SEP55-03R10W PTFE Film/Silicone Rubber 2.95 (0.075) 0.04 (1.0) 6.0 20 30, 40
AC-SEP55-03R35W PTFE Film/Silicone Rubber 2.95 (0.075) 0.14 (3.5) 6.0 20 30, 40

The data herein are averages based on the authoritative testing of several lot numbers. This information is intended for comparison purposed only.

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