Heat Resistance


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At Taconic, we provide solutions - that goes for our people as well as our products. Very few materials can provide all the combined benefits of PTFE coated glass fabric - heat resistance, thermal & electrical insultation, chemical resistance, food compliance, as well as release properties.

When we consider heat resistance, common uses of our PTFE coated materials include:
· PVC Window Welding
· Polybag Manufacturing
· Cooking sheets (for baking)
· Heat Sealing & Flexible Packaging
· Cooking/Grilling Belts (for meats, eggs, pancakes and more)
…and many more applications where traditional materials will melt, burn, and/or deteriorate.

High temperatures can breakdown most fabrics, tapes, and belts. Taconic’s heat resistant materials allow for fewer changeovers, higher line speeds, longer life, and an overall lower cost of production. If you have a tricky application where heat is involved, why not reach out to our sales team for a recommendation?