Chemical Resistance


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Resistance to chemicals is a key characteristic of Taconic’s PTFE coated glass fabrics. Harsh substances including acids and bases will attack and deteriorate most tapes, fabrics, and belts.

Taconic’s PTFE coated materials are chemically inert, forming a barrier to prevent penetration and breakdown, thus protecting the glass fabric, and allowing the tape, fabric, or belt to perform its intended task.

Common applications include:
· Expansion Joint & gasket materials for gas processing & transporting in power stations
· Tray liners & conveyor belting for corrosive and acidic processing environments
· Mold release tapes and fabrics
· Pipe wrapping

Very few materials can provide all the combined benefits of PTFE coated glass fabric. Along with thermal & electrical insultation properties, release properties, low coefficient of friction, food compliance, and heat resistance, the chemical resistance of Taconic’s PTFE coated fabrics make our product range unparalleled.

If you have an application concern relating to rapid material deterioration due to acids or bases, consider reaching out to Taconic for a recommendation.