Composite Molding

a cost effective release surface for hand lay-up and open mold composites

Composite Molding

Composite Molding

PTFE Coated Fiberglass Tapes & Fabrics act as a costeffective release surface for hand lay-up and open mold composites. During the hand lay-up process, PTFE coated fabric acts as a flexible release liner that conforms to the mold while its nonstick coating allows clean removal from the molded composite part.

In open mold processing, the mold or tool is lined with PTFE coated tape which provides an advantage over fabric for complex shapes in that it is conformable and will stay firmly in place. Once the PTFE lined mold is filled with resin and composite material, curing occurs and the PTFE tape releases cleanly from the tooling. In most applications, composite parts should be vacuum bagged in/on the mold to prevent pre-release of the part from the mold. PTFE tapes and fabrics replace other manually applied release agents that are labor intensive to use and must  be reapplied before each lay-up. PTFE tapes and fabrics provide a more consistent release and may also last for several pulls from the mold, providing additional time and cost savings. Another advantage of using PTFE tape and fabric as a release surface is the elimination of harmful chemicals that are often used to clean other release agents off the parts after manufacturing.

Taconic Composite Molding PTFE Coated Fiberglass Tape Fabric Aerospace
- Optimal release/smooth finished surface 
- Reduces prep time, finish work & clean-up
- Eliminates waxes & chemical cleaners
- Temperature resistant to 500°F/260°C
- Abrasion resistant 
- Flexible/conformable
- Can be gel coated
- May perform for multiple pulls

Taconic Composite Molding PTFE Coated Fiberglass Fabric Mold Release Boat Helicopter Wind TurbineApplications:
- Mold release for boat hulls and decks, bulkheads, helicopter rotor blades, wind turbine blades and other composite parts
- Nonstick covering for fabrication work surfaces




Composite Molding Data 

Part NumberOverall


Adhesive Thickness
Adhesive Strength (ozs)Application


0.005 Silicone 0.002 40


Mold release tape

6085-05 0.007 Silicone 0.003 45
6085-06 0.006 Silicone 0.003 50
6095-03 0.005 Silicone 0.002 40
6095-05 0.007 Silicone 0.002 50
6095-06 0.008 Silicone 0.002 50
6445-02 0.004 Silicone 0.002 25
7025 0.0023 N/A N/A NA Bleeder cloth and peel-ply
7038 0.0026 N/A N/A NA Release fabric


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