Food Processing - Retail

nonstick materials for various retail food processing applications

Food Processing - Retail

Food Processing - Retail

Since our inception, Taconic’s focus has been engineering nonstick materials for various retail food processing applications. Our TefBake™ and other brands have assisted chefs in commercial and residential kitchens for over 30 years in food prep, microwave, freezer, cooking/ pre-cooking and baking applications.

Taconic TefBake Retail Food Processing PTFE Fabric Ovenliner


- Optimal Release
- Bake or broil without oil
- Temperature resistant from -100 °F (-73 °C) to 500 °F (260°C)
- Cut to fit any size pan/oven
- Easy to clean and dishwasher safe

Taconic Retail Food Processing Nonstick PTFE Fabric Mesh Mat


- Nonstick ovenliners to keep your oven clean
- Reusable pan liners for easy release of baked goods
- Nonstick mesh mats to promote food crisping
- Nonstick mats for rolling dough 
- Table liners for sticky ingredients



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