TacBear Self-Lubricating Bearing Materials

durable, low maintenance and cost effective alternative to high-performance plastic.

TacBear Self-Lubricating Bearing Materials

Self-Lubricating Bearing Materials

TacBEAR self-lubricating PTFE bearing and bushing material is designed to provide a durable, low maintenance and cost effective alternative to its high-performance plastic counterpart.
TacBear’s unique self-lubricating material is constructed by coating one side of an aramid fabric with PTFE. The uncoated side is then bonded to a steel (or other metal) surface. The smooth PTFE surface with its anti-static properties facilitates an easy sliding, friction-resistant bearing or bushing. Additionally, the fabric component improves resistance to cold flow allowing for higher loads.
Taconic can also fusion bond PTFE fabrics and films (filled or unfilled) to a variety of flat sheet stock. Bushings or bearings can then be formed from the flat sheet stock.

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← Filled flouropolymer or PTFE coated aramid fabric

← Metal Backing 
(Stainless steel, aluminum, etc.)



» Features: 
- Excellent self-lubrication properties
- Maintenance free
- Resistant to seawater, oil and chemicals
- High wear and friction resistance properties
- Lightweight and slim
- High performance in wide temperature range
- Lead free and no particles caused by copper sintered layer

» Applications:
- Automotive (Bushings for car door hinges, trunk lids, seats and wipers)
- Electronics (Bushings for office machines)
- Hydraulics (Cylindrical bushings for hydraulic machinery)
- Industrial machinery (thrust washers for conveyor belts)


TacBEAR Product Data

Product PropertiesUnitsValueValueValue
Product Name   TacBEAR 17 KAS TacBEAR 6 KAS TacBEAR Fusion Bonded *
Reinforcing Fabric   Aramid Aramid Fabric or film
Coating Type   Anti-static PTFE Anti-static PTFE PTFE with various fillers
Nominal Thickness Inches 0.016 0.010 0.002 - 0.188
Total Coated Weight lb/sq yd 0.83 0.67 Varies
Operating Temperature (min/max) °F (°C) -100 °/350 ° (-73 °/177°) -100 °/350 ° (-73 °/177°) -328 °/536 ° (-200 °/280 °)
Surface Resistivity Megaohms <1 <1 Varies
Coating Adhesion Strength N/5 cm 3.2 5 N/A
Tensile Strength N/5 cm 343 295 N/A
Tear Strength N 45 19 N/A
Applied to Metal By   End users - adhesive End users - adhesive Fusion bonded by Taconic
*For fusion bonded materials, please contact your Taconic Technical Representative. 
The data herein are averages based on the authoritative testing of several lot numbers. This information is intended for comparison purposed only.

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