Open Mesh Belting

PTFE/Glass, PTFE/Kevlar®, Kevlar®/Glass

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Taconic PTFE Silicone Coated Fiberglass Belts


These materials allow for outgassing of volatile products and promote drying by allowing airflow through the belt. 



Fabric Grades:

  • Porous/Open Mesh - These belts are ideal for drying, curing and bonding inks, pigments and powders to fabrics and non-woven materials.
  • Anti-Static/Conductive - Specially treated fabric reduces static build-up.


Click here to learn about the different applications for Taconic's PTFE and silicone rubber coated belts.

 Open Mesh Products List

DescriptionPart NumberOverall Thickness (inches)Coated Weight (lbs/sq yd)Tensile Strength Warp/Fill (lbs/inch)Tear Strength Warp/Fill (lbf)Maximum Continuous Operating Temp (F°/C°)
Open Mesh Belting-PTFE/Glass
Glass Tan 8195 0.0200 0.93 300 N/A 500/260
Glass Black 8303 0.0330 0.88 230 N/A 500/260
Glass Brown 8308 0.0330 0.88 230 N/A 500/260
Glass Tan 8A970 0.0330 0.88 240 N/A 500/260
DescriptionPart NumberOverall Thickness (inches)Coated Weight (lbs/sq yd)Tensile Strength Warp/Fill (lbs/inch)Tear Strength Warp/Fill (lbf)Maximum Continuous Operating Temp (F°/C°)
Open Mesh Belting - PTFE/Kevlar® & Kevlar®/Glass
Kevlar® Gold 8305K 0.0250 0.58 275 N/A 356/180
Kevlar® Black Anti-Static 8305KAS 0.0250 0.54 275 N/A 356/180
Kevlar®/ Glass Brown A1087 0.0390 0.68 600 N/A 356/180
Kevlar®/ Glass Gold 8305KG 0.0440 1.27 475 N/A 356/180

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Fabrication Options
Click here to learn more about the types of splices, edge reinforcements and tracking & guiding devices we offer. 

Ordering Your Taconic Belt
Please have the following information available:

  • Dimensions of belt (width and length)
  • Desired splice, edge reinforcement and tracking devices, where needed
  • Pulley size and type
  • Any special construction or instructions concerning belt fabrication. In cases of complex fabrication, a print may be requested