TacFoam | Cap Liner & Gasket Materials

PE foam-backed PTFE sheet designed for high performance sealing applications.

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TacFoam | Cap Liner & Gasket Materials

Cap Liner & Gasket MaterialsTaconic PTFE Coated Advanced Engineered Composite Materials

TacFoam cap liner and gasket materials are die cut from PE foam-backed PTFE sheet that is designed for high performance sealing applications. Bottle cap liners and specialty container closures must meet many critical requirements including: providing a barrier to moisture and chemicals, preventing odor and gas contamination from entering or exiting the bottle, maintaining an airtight seal to preserve product freshness and keeping the contents stored securely in the container for consumer safety. These same features apply to gasket applications where the singlesided or double-sided PTFE/foam material must create an impermeable seal between pipes or other industial parts.

Taconic TacFoam PTFE Coated Cap Liner and Gasket Materials Product Structure

Taconic TacFoam PTFE Coated Cap Liner and Gasket Materials Bottle Packaging PharmaceuticalsFeatures:
• Excellent chemical resistance; ideal for use with corrosive chemicals, toxic solvents and strong acids that could damage cap liner or gasket  •  Superior sealing performance with no leakage  •  Barrier to moisture, bacteria and oxygen  •  Easy to die cut

Taconic TacFoam PTFE Cap Liner and Gasket Disks


• Cap liner for bottles packaging pharmaceuticals and toxic chemicals
• Gaskets for pipelines and other parts

TacFoam Product Data

TacFoam ProductsPTFE Film Thickness
Total Thickness
Max Width

Max Length
Foam Density
PTFE Film + PE Foam + PTFE Film 2 - 5 1 - 3 1,000 100 0.3 - 0.6
PTFE Film + PE Foam + PE Film 2 - 5 1 - 3 1,000 100 0.3 - 0.6

The data herein are averages based on the authoritative testing of several lot numbers. This information is intended for comparison purposed only.

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