LEO Satellite Components

Solar array structural backing sheets, tension straps, and fabrics for radomes and thermal insulation


Taconic PTFE Fabric

LEO Satellite Components

Taconic’s PTFE Coated Fiberglass Fabrics are durable, high performance, and well suited for satellite applications. Taconic has demonstrated it’s ability to engineer and manufacture cost effective solutions for large scale LEO satellite constellation projects. Our PTFE fabrics can be produced in single-ply or multi-ply for enhanced strength, a variety of colors, and can be tailored to meet specific CTE or thermal conductivity requirements.

Taconic’s PTFE fabrics can be found in:

Solar Array Structural Back Sheets

Taconic’s PTFE fabrics can be engineered for your back sheet application.

• Bond surface(s); to solar cell encapsulant and composite layers
• These materials can be made conductive
• Bi-facial coating types available
• Thicknesses starting as low as 2 mils

Tension Straps

Taconic’s PTFE fabrics can be precision C.N.C. cut and fabricated with mechanical fixturing (i.e. grommeting) or sewn using NASA recommended thread depending on your needs.

Fabrics for Radomes and Thermal Insulation

Taconic’s Raycover PTFE coated glass fabric is offered as pre-cut radomes in diameters up to 15 ft (5m), while having minimal effect on antenna signal performance and protecting surfaces from harsh conditions.
Taconic’s TefShield high performance PTFE insulation fabrics are designed to control heat gain and loss due to thermal or chemical exposure in a variety of applications. TefShield is suitable for LEO environments.

Have a specific coating or fabrication need? Through innovative company initiatives we’re helping our aerospace customers ‘Find a Better Way...’ Including applying our preexisting coating expertise, fabrication experience, and manufacturing infrastructure to your specific woven substrate needs. We can design and coat your bespoke solutions.