Solar Panel Lamination Belts

used in the lamination process of rigid and flexible Photovoltaic (PV) modules.

Solar Panel Lamination Belts

Solar Panel Lamination Belts

PTFE/Anti-static fiberglass and Kevlar® belts are used in the lamination process of rigid and flexible Photovoltaic (PV) modules. PTFE coated materials offer optimal release and excellent heat resistance, resulting in increased manufacturing efficiencies through time savings, cost reductions and higher quality end products.

Powered by government subsidies, technological advances and a public desire for clean energy sources, the Renewable Energy Sector has seen a rapid upward growth trend in recent years. As the demand for solar continues to grow, so will the need for high quality, long lasting and reliable solar panel lamination belts.

Taconic Solar Panel Lamination Stringer Belts PTFE Fiberglass and KevlarFeatures:
• Anti-static  • High strength • Increased stability
• Temperature resistant • Cost effective • Excellent release properties •  Improved end-product quality • Custom splices and edging available

• Solar panel lamination belts and release fabrics • Solar stringer belts

Solar Panel Lamination Belt Product Data

Product NumberCoating TypeFabric TypeThickness
(lbs/sq yd)
Tensile Strength Warp
Tear Strength
Max Width
7108 PTFE Fiberglass  0.009  0.92 285 12  104
7103-AS PTFE Anti-Static Fiberglass   0.0095  0.9 280 8.5 104
7148 PTFE Fiberglass   0.0135  1.35  400  15  104
7143AS PTFE Anti-Static Fiberglass   0.0140 1.34  475  25  104 
715KAS  PTFE Anti-Static  Kevlar 0.0146  1.05  620  45  106
7153AS PTFE Anti-Static Fiberglass   0.0140  1.35  455  18  128
718K-1 PTFE  Kevlar 0.0177  1.32  570  56  98 
7147 PTFE Fiberglass   0.0119 1.15 265 8 104
*Temp resistance of 500 °F (260 °C) for all products
The data herein are averages based on the authoritative testing of several lot numbers. This information is intended for comparison purposed only.

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