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Why we're different...

Durable tortilla press belts and dependable service are what you need. At Taconic, that’s exactly what you get.

With our high performance nonstick belts, you’ll watch your belt changeovers go down while your productivity goes up. Let us help keep your production lines running smoothly.

R&D Driven by Innovation: Our brilliant engineering staff is constantly searching for ways to improve our current product line up while developing innovative, application specific, products which solve issues commonly found with competitive materials.

An example of this can be seen in the creation of our A1139, tortilla specific, material. This material was a by-product of research conducted on competitive products plagued with grease and compression forces problems. The outcome was an industry leading, wear and grease resistive, material at a competitive price point.

Thanks to our engineering staff, we pride ourselves in offering the best, most advanced, tortilla press belt materials on the market.

 Quality Control/Testing: Each coated master roll goes through a rigorous series of testing to ensure consistent quality while you, the end user, receive the most accurate data available for that product. Tensile strength, tear strength, dielectric strength and adhesion are just some of the test methods we use to guarantee each and every roll of material is up to as-advertised standards.

Customer Service: Selling product to a customer in need is easy, but what comes after that? For many, the answer is apparently “not much”. Taconic’s customer service staff is dedicated to maintaining one hundred percent customer satisfaction. Whether it’s during the sale, immediately after purchase or several years down the road, our customer service staff will be there to answer any questions or address concerns that may arise.

Product Lineup Overview...

Taconic PTFE Coated Fiberglass Fabric Industrial Tortilla Press Belt


  • Nonstick
  • Temperature resistant
  • optimal release
  • Oil and grease resistant
  • Fewer belt changeovers
  • Chemical resistant  


Standard classification 10 mil. (0.0090 inches total thickness) woven fiberglass material for tortilla industry applications. Lowest price of the four available products*. Potential for grease staining with use. 


All the benefits of 8108 with slightly thicker, more durable, coating (0.0095 in. total thickness).


10 mil. product designed specifically to handle issues with grease and compression forces commonly found in the tortilla industry. Contains non-stain coating structure with deep tan color.


Highest performance option with wear resistive additives for best end results. Attractive blue in color. 


Designed with heat transfer in mind. Faster heat transfer than 8108, 8109, A1046 and A1139. 

Product Comparison Table...

Part NumberOverall Thickness (inches)Coated Weight (lbs/sq yd)Tensile Strength Warp/Fill (lbs/inch)Tear Strength Warp/Fill (lbf)Maximum Continuous Operating Temp
8108 0.0090 0.91 310/175 12.0/7.0 500/260
 8109 0.0095  1.00  325/180  12.0/8.0  500/260 
A1046 0.0100 1.00 300/200 12.0/10.0 500/260
A1139 0.0098 1.00 300 / 165 12.0 / 9.0 500/260
TL7100 0.0072 0.700 200/135 13.0/7.0 500/260

Use and care:

Once you have your Taconic Tortilla Press Belts, it's important to understand how to correctly maintain them. Below you will find critical information pertaining to the se and care of the new belts. 

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This is also available in poster form, in a variety of languages, for employee reference/training.