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High Velocity Oxy Fuel coating options

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Uploaded Image: /uploads/images/aircraft engine.jpgGas Fueled High Velocity Oxy Fuel coating is a form of thermal spray used to create very dense well bonded coatings onto a component surface. Typically carbide and metal powders are semi-melted and propelled at the part surfaces at high speeds (800-1500 M per second). GF-HVOF coatings are used in a variety of industries including aerospace, energy, and general manufacturing. Common applications for GF-HVOF coatings include wear resistance (carbide coatings) and corrosion resistant/bond coatings (MCrAIY) rayed aluminum or zinc, conductive coatings, and coatings for wear resistance.

Why is Masking Necessary?

As with most thermal spray coatings, the goal is to strategically target areas where a coating
is desirable, but it is crucial in many applications to protect certain areas against overspray and/
or unwanted coating buildup. Masking for GF-HVOF can be challenging due to high abrasion and
very high transfer of heat due to particle velocity. A successful maskant for HVOF requires the material to be highly conformable, abrasion resistant, thermally resistant, and to have strong peel adhesion characteristics.

Masking Options...Finding the Better Way

  • Contamination Free Surface: Taconic GF-HVOF masking tapes, fabrics, and compounds are designed to leave noresidual silicone adhesive nor fluid on the component surface.
  • High Abrasion Resistance: Taconic GF-HVOF masking materials are designed to withstand the high abrasion associated with the surface prep blasting process as well as the spraying of abrasive high velocity coating particles (Chrome Carbide and Tungsten Carbide).
  • Flexibility & Conformability: Taconic GF-HVOF masking tapes, fabrics, and compounds are designed to conform to challenging profiles without lifting, sagging, or moving. These traits make Taconic materials idea for critical masking tasks.
  • Peel Adhesion: Taconic pressure sensitive tapes offer industry leading adhesion to metal and face-to-back adhesion. The situation of tape lifting during coating can be catastrophic. For this reason, Taconic tapes are used to ensure the masking survives the coating process consistently.
  • Heat Resistance: Temperatures associated with GF-HVOF coatings are very high. The rate of transfer of heat is also high. For that reason Taconic GF-HVOF masking materials are designed to withstand high temperatures with no burning or distortion of the maskant while also protecting the functionality of the adhesive.

Finding a Better Way to Save Time & Money While Improving Masking Efficiency…

Use Strong Tape & Apply Fewer Layers of Tape – The stronger the masking tape, the fewer layers of tape that are required. Each layer of tape adds time and cost increasing the overall cost associated with a masking job. Using a strong tape allows you to mask in 1-2 layers which saves time and money.

Reusable Masking – Silicone coated Fabrics and silicone rubber compounds have the ability to speed up masking – to cover and/or large intricate areas quickly. Masking tapes are always single use – they are thrown in the garbage after use. Silicone fabrics and rubber compound molds can be used over and over. Fabrics are ideal for arc spray due to the large areas that can be protected quickly and economically.

Post Coating Properties – After the coating process is complete, the maskant must release as clean as possible. Removing adhesive residue, glass, and other unwanted potential contaminants adds extra time and cost to the entire process. Taconic masking materials will prevent chipping and cracking upon removal – saving time and money by avoiding rework. Taconic masking materials are designed to remove completely clean from component surfaces.

What does the above mean for coating shops?

  • Reduces time
  • Reduces tape consumption
  • Reduces overall spend
  • Improves throughput
  • Reduces clean up
  • Eliminate Rework

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Product Recommendations:

Taconic PSA Tapes:

  • 6635-20: This double layer silicone rubber coated fiberglass/ aluminum foil tape is used for light duty GF-HVOF masking jobs, or as a secondary mask with metal tooling.
  • 6595-20: GF-HVOF masking tape. This highly abrasive resistant, conformable, and heat resistant PSA tape is designed to withstand most GF-HVOF applications.

TacMold Masking Compounds:

  • TacMold (A2023-A / A2023-B) masking compound is a 2 part silicone putty which is designed to withstand all forms of thermal spray including GF-HVOF and LF-HVOF. This putty is intended to assist with masking holes or complicated intricate profiles. In some cases, the compound is reusable.

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