Baguette Trays

featuring EnduraFilm PTFE film lamination technology


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TacPan - Baguette Trays

Perforated multi-channel trays are the industry standard for large quantity baguette production. However, an unintended consequence of inadequate tray use can be seen through product transfer and oil residue left behind in the untreated metal tray perforations.

Both side effects can lead to contamination, decreased shelf life and additional resources needed to clean, prep, maintain and even repair damaged trays.

TacPan Baguette Trays with EnduraFilm PTFE Film Lamination technology alleviate sticking issues due to a thicker, more durable, 75 micron film coating. Thus, improving operator satisfaction, lowering operation costs and drastically reducing prep work and clean up needed prior to baking. All while producing a superior end product.

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Custom Sizes/Dimensions:

Although most popular sizes and channel option are available, please contact your Taconic representative for details.